kohana-modules.com was created to help Kohana developers find and discuss available modules. It is currently indexing Kohana v3.x modules on GitHub.


Those with a desire to help out are welcome to contribute by hacking on the site, or by adding modules to the index.


kohana-modules.com was built using Kohana v3.3.1, the BlueTrip CSS Framework, and the following modules.

  • auth - Auth module for Kohana v3
  • auth - Auth module for Kohana v3
  • cache - Cache library for Kohana 3
  • database - A Kohana module for database interactions, building queries, and prepared statements
  • github - KO3 module for interacting with the new Github v3 API
  • minion - Everyone loves having a minion they can boss around
  • notices - Notices module for Kohana 3.x
  • orm - Kohana ORM
  • pagination - A Kohana module for pagination
  • sitemap - A Kohana 3 Sitemap Class. Includes support for Googleâ„¢ Mobile, Video, News, Code and Geo XML Sitemaps